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The Ecole

The Ecole Glossary

The Ecole Glossary contains short, 100-200 word glosses on topics relating to early Church history. These glosses are intimately linked to the Ecole Chronology and to each other. Because we plan to include several links in the glossary, links will refer to sites within the glossary or the chronology, unless specified otherwise, the one exception being the [DOC] symbol which points to a version of the document previously named somewhere on the internet beyond the Ecole Initiative.

The Ecole Initiative graciously welcomes corrections to any information contained in the Encyclopedia. Please send your comments to ecole@evansville.edu.

[G] Peter Abelard
[G] Adalbert of Prague
[G] Adamnán of Iona
[G] Adelaide
[G] Adeodatus I
[G] Adeodatus II
[G] Adrian I
[G] Adrian II
[G] Adrian III
[G] Adrian IV
[G] Adrian V
[G] Adrian of Canterbury
[G] Aelred of Rievaulx
[G] Julius Africanus
[G] Agapetus I
[G] Agatha
[G] Agatho
[G] Agnes of Rome
[G] Aidan of Lindisfarne
[G] Alain de Lille
[G] Alban of Britain
[G] Albertus Magnus
[G] Albigenses
[G] Alcuin of York
[G] Aldhelm
[G] Alexander Nevski
[G] Alexander I
[G] Alexander II
[G] Alexander III
[G] Alexander IV
[G] Alexander V
[G] Alexander VI
[G] Alexandria, School of
[G] Alexis, Man of God
[G] Ali ibn Talib
[G] Alphege of Canterbury
[G] Ambrose of Milan
[G] Ammonas
[G] Amphilochius of Iconium
[G] Anacletus
[G] Antipope Anacletus II
[G] Anastasia
[G] Anastasius the Librarian
[G] Anastasius I
[G] Anastasius II
[G] Anastasius III
[G] Anastasius IV
[G] Andrew
[G] Andrew of Crete
[G] Andrew of St-Victor
[G] Fra. Angelico
[G] Anicetus
[G] Anselm of Canterbury
[G] Anskar
[G] Anterus
[G] Anthony of Egypt
[G] Anthony of the Kiev Caves
[G] Anthony of Novgorod
[G] Anthony of Padua
[G] Antioch, School of
[G] Antisthenes of Athens
[G] Apollinaris of Laodicea
[G] Apostolic Constitutions and Canons
[G] Arianism
[G] Arnold of Brescia
[G] Arnulf of Metz
[G] Arsenius the Great
[G] Athanasius
[G] Mount Athos
[G] Audrey of Ely
[G] Augustine of Canterbury
[G] Augustine of Hippo
[G] Averroës
[G] Avicenna
[G] Barbara
[G] Bardesanes (Bardaisan)
[G] Bar Hebræus
[G] Barlaam and Ioasaph
[G] Barnabas
[G] Bartholomew
[G] Basil the Great
[G] Bec
[G] Bede
[G] Benedict of Nursia
[G] Benedict I
[G] Benedict II
[G] Benedict III
[G] Benedict IV
[G] Benedict V
[G] Benedict VI
[G] Benedict VII
[G] Benedict VIII
[G] Benedict IX
[G] Benedict X
[G] Benedict XI
[G] Benedict XII
[G] Benedict XIII (Antipope)
[G] Benedict of Aniane
[G] Benedict Biscop
[G] Bernard of Clairvaux
[G] Bessarion Thamaturgus
[G] Blaise
[G] Bobbio
[G] Boethius
[G] The Bogomils
[G] Boniface I
[G] Boniface II
[G] Boniface III
[G] Boniface IV
[G] Boniface V
[G] Boniface VI
[G] Boniface VII
[G] Boniface VIII
[G] Boniface IX
[G] Boniface of Crediton
[G] Botolph
[G] Brendan the Navigator
[G] Bridget of Ireland
[G] Bridget of Sweden
[G] Nicholas Cabasilas
[G] Cædmon
[G] Pope Caius
[G] Caleb Ella Asbeha
[G] Callixtus I
[G] Callixtus II
[G] Callixtus III
[G] Robert Campin
[G] Canute IV of Denmark
[G] Cassiodoros
[G] Catechetical School of Alexandria
[G] Cathari
[G] Catherine of Alexandria
[G] Catherine of Genoa
[G] Catherine of Siena
[G] Catherine of Sweden
[G] Cecilia
[G] Cedd
[G] Celestine I
[G] Celestine II
[G] Celestine III
[G] Celestine IV
[G] Celestine V
[G] Céli Dé
[G] Celsus
[G] Ceolwulf
[G] Charlemagne
[G] Geoffrey Chaucer
[G] Chrétien de Troyes
[G] Christopher
[G] Cicero
[G] Cimabue
[G] Clement of Alexandria
[G] Clement of Rome
[G] Clement II
[G] Clement III
[G] Clement IV
[G] Clement V
[G] Clement VI
[G] Clement VII (Antipope)
[G] Clotilde
[G] Colmán of Lindisfarne
[G] Columba of Iona
[G] Columbanus of Bobbio
[G] Conan
[G] Constantine (pope)
[G] Constantine I
[G] Constantine I of Ethiopia
[G] Cornelius
[G] Cosmos Indicopleustes
[G] Baldesarre Cossa
[G] Crispin and Crispinian
[G] Crowland
[G] The Cult of Isis
[G] Cunigundis
[G] Cuthbert of Lindisfarne
[G] Cuthburga
[G] Cyprian of Carthage
[G] Cyril of Alexandria
[G] Cyril, Apostle to the Slavs
[G] Dado
[G] Damasus I
[G] Damasus II
[G] Peter Damian
[G] Dante
[G] David of Wales
[G] The Desert Fathers
[G] Deusdedit
[G] Diadochus of Photike
[G] The Didache
[G] Diocletian
[G] Diodore of Tarsus
[G] Dionysius (pope)
[G] Dominic
[G] Donatello
[G] The Donation of Constantine
[G] Donatism
[G] Donus
[G] Dorotheos of Gaza
[G] Duccio di Buoninsegna
[G] Duns Scotus
[G] Dunstan
[G] Eata
[G] Egeria
[G] Einhard
[G] Eleutherius
[G] Elizabeth of Hungary
[G] Ely
[G] Ephrem
[G] Epictetus
[G] Epiphanius of Salamis
[G] Erasmo di Narno
[G] Etheldreda
[G] Eucherius of Lyons
[G] Eugene I
[G] Eugene II
[G] Eugene III
[G] Eugene IV
[G] Eugippius
[G] Eulalia of Mérida
[G] (The) Eunomians
[G] Euphemia
[G] Euphrosyne of Polotsk
[G] Pope Eusebius
[G] Eusebius of Nicomedia
[G] Eustochium
[G] Euthymius the Great
[G] Eutychian (pope)
[G] Evagrius Ponticus
[G] Evaristus
[G] Fabian
[G] Fateema
[G] Felix I
[G] Felix II
[G] Felix III
[G] Felix IV
[G] Finan of Lindisfarne
[G] Foillan
[G] Formosus
[G] Francis of Assisi
[G] Frangipani
[G] Frideswide of Oxford
[G] Frumentius of Ethiopia
[G] Fulda
[G] Pope Gaius
[G] Gattamelata
[G] Gaunilo
[G] Gelasius I
[G] Gelasius II
[G] Geneviève of Paris
[G] George the Synkellos
[G] Gerlac of Holland
[G] Gertrude the Great
[G] Gertrude of Nivelles
[G] al-Ghazzali
[G] Gildas the Wise
[G] Giotto
[G] Glastonbury
[G] Gnosticism
[G] John Gower
[G] Gregory of Nazianzus
[G] Gregory of Nyssa
[G] Gregory Palamas
[G] Gregory the Sinaite
[G] Gregory Thaumaturgus
[G] Gregory the Great
[G] Gregory II
[G] Gregory III
[G] Gregory IV
[G] Gregory V
[G] Gregory VI
[G] Gregory VII
[G] Gregory VIII
[G] Gregory IX
[G] Gregory XI
[G] Gregory XII
[G] Gurias
[G] Guthlac of Crowland
[G] Hartmann von Aue
[G] Helena
[G] Henry of Uppsala
[G] Henry II (HRE)
[G] Hermann of Reichenau
[G] Herrad of Landsberg
[G] Hesychasm
[G] Hilary of Arles
[G] Hilary of Poitiers
[G] Hilary of Rome
[G] Hilda of Whitby
[G] Hildegard of Bingen
[G] Hildegund of Schönau
[G] Hildelith of Barking
[G] Hippolytus of Rome
[G] Honoratus of Arles
[G] Honorius I
[G] Honorius II
[G] Honorius III
[G] Honorius IV
[G] Hormisdas
[G] Hugh of St.-Victor
[G] Jan Hus
[G] Hyginius
[G] Hypatia
[G] Iamblichus
[G] Ignatius of Antioch
[G] Ildephonsus of Toledo
[G] Innocent I
[G] Innocent II
[G] Innocent III
[G] Innocent IV
[G] Innocent V
[G] Innocent VI
[G] Innocent VII
[G] Innocent VIII
[G] Iona
[G] Irenaeus of Lyons
[G] Irene the Great-Martyr
[G] Isidore of Seville
[G] Isocrates
[G] Jacob of Serugh
[G] James, son of Alphæus
[G] James, son of Zebedee
[G] James of Jerusalem
[G] James of Voragine
[G] Jarrow
[G] Jerome
[G] Joan of Arc
[G] Joanna the Myrrh-Bearer
[G] Jocelin of Brakelond
[G] John the Apostle (John the Theologian)
[G] John I
[G] John II
[G] John III
[G] John IV
[G] John V
[G] John VI
[G] John VII
[G] John VIII
[G] John IX
[G] John X
[G] John XI
[G] John XII
[G] John XIII
[G] John XIV
[G] John XV
[G] John XVII
[G] John XVIII
[G] John XIX
[G] John XXI
[G] John XXII
[G] John XXIII (antipope)
[G] John Cassian
[G] John Chrysostom
[G] John Climacus
[G] John of Beverley
[G] John of Damascus
[G] John of Rila
[G] John of Ruysbroeck
[G] John of Salisbury
[G] John of the Cross
[G] John the Almsgiver
[G] John the Dwarf
[G] John the Faster
[G] Jovinian
[G] Judas Iscariot
[G] Jude
[G] Julian of Norwich
[G] Julius I
[G] Justin Martyr
[G] Jutta of Disibodenberg
[G] Jutta of Sangerhausen
[G] Kentigern
[G] Lambert of Hersfeld
[G] Lando
[G] Lanfranc
[G] Leo the Great
[G] Leo II
[G] Leo III
[G] Leo IV
[G] Leo V
[G] Leo VI
[G] Leo VII
[G] Leo VIII
[G] Leo IX
[G] Lérins
[G] Liberius
[G] Limbourg Brothers
[G] Lindisfarne
[G] Linus
[G] Fra. Lippo Lippi
[G] Louis IX
[G] Ramon Llull (Lully)
[G] Lucius I
[G] Lucius II
[G] Lucius III
[G] Luke
[G] Luxeuil
[G] Macarius the Great
[G] (The) Macedonians
[G] Macrina
[G] Maimonides
[G] Marcella of Rome
[G] Marcellinus
[G] Marcellus I
[G] Marcion
[G] Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
[G] Marinus I
[G] Marinus II
[G] Mark
[G] Pope Mark
[G] Mark the Ascetic
[G] Martin of Tours
[G] Martin I
[G] Martin II
[G] Martin III
[G] Martin IV
[G] Martin V
[G] Mary
[G] Mary Magdalene
[G] Masaccio
[G] Matthew
[G] Matthias
[G] Maximus the Confessor
[G] Mazdak of Fasa
[G] Mechtilde of Diessen
[G] Mechtilde of Hackeborn
[G] Mechtilde of Magdeburg
[G] Meinrad of Einsiedeln
[G] Melania the Elder
[G] Melito of Sardis
[G] Melrose
[G] Hans Memling
[G] Menas
[G] Mesrop of Armenia
[G] Methodius, Apostle to the Slavs
[G] Miltiades
[G] Mochta

[G] Monarchianism
[G] Monica
[G] Monophysitism
[G] Montanism
[G] Monte Cassino
[G] Moses the Ethiopian
[G] Muhammad
[G] Mungo
[G] Nathaniel
[G] Nectan
[G] Nero
[G] Nestorius
[G] Nicanor the Deacon
[G] The Nicene Creed
[G] Nicetas Choniates
[G] Nicetas of Remesiana
[G] Nicholas of Myra
[G] Nicholas I
[G] Nicholas II
[G] Nicholas III
[G] Nicholas IV
[G] Nicholas V
[G] Nicholas of Hereford
[G] Nicholas of Tolentino
[G] Nilus of Ancyra
[G] Nilus of Rossano
[G] Nina of Georgia
[G] Nominalism
[G] Numenius of Apamea
[G] Olga
[G] Olympias the Deaconess
[G] Onouphrius
[G] Origen
[G] Oswiu
[G] Ouen of Rouen
[G] Pachomius of Egypt
[G] Pambo
[G] Panaetius of Rhodes
[G] Paphnutius the Great
[G] Paraskeva Pyatnitsa
[G] Parmenas the Deacon
[G] Paschal I
[G] Paschal II
[G] Patarenes
[G] Patrick of Ireland
[G] Paul
[G] Paul I
[G] Paul II
[G] Paula of Bethlehem
[G] Paulicans
[G] Pelagius I
[G] Pelagius II
[G] Pelagius
[G] Peter
[G] Peter Damascene
[G] Peter Lombard
[G] Peter of Sebaste
[G] Petronilla
[G] Philip the Apostle
[G] Philip the Deacon (Evangelist)
[G] Philo of Alexandria
[G] Phoebe the Deaconess
[G] Andrea Pisano
[G] Pius I
[G] Pius II
[G] Pius III
[G] Georgius Gemistus Plethon
[G] Pliny the Younger
[G] Plotinus
[G] Poemen
[G] Polycarp of Smyrna
[G] Pontian
[G] Porphyry
[G] Prochorus the Deacon
[G] Proclus
[G] Prosper of Aquitaine
[G] Protagoras
[G] Pyrrho
[G] Radegund the Deaconess
[G] Raymond of Peñafort
[G] Reichenau
[G] Remigius of Rheims (Remy)
[G] Richard of St. Victor
[G] Tilman Riemannschneider
[G] Rievaulx
[G] Rigoberto of Rheims (Robert of Rheims)
[G] Ripoll
[G] Ripon
[G] Robert II the Pious
[G] Robert of Geneva
[G] Romanus
[G] Romuald
[G] Roscelin of Compiègne
[G] Andrei Rublëv
[G] Rufinus
[G] Rumi
[G] Rupert of Salzburg
[G] Sabas the Great
[G] Sabas of Serbia
[G] Sabinian
[G] St.-Victor in Paris
[G] Salome
[G] Salome the Myrrh-Bearer
[G] Sarah of the Desert
[G] Sassetta
[G] Scholastica
[G] Sebastian
[G] Septimius Severus
[G] The Septuagint
[G] Serapion the Scholastic
[G] Sergius I
[G] Sergius II
[G] Sergius III
[G] Sergius IV
[G] Sergius of Radonezh
[G] Severinus
[G] Severus of Antioch
[G] Severus of al-Ushmunain
[G] Silverius
[G] Simeon Metaphrastes
[G] Simeon Stylites
[G] Simon of Sudbury
[G] Simon Zelotes
[G] Simplicius
[G] Siricius
[G] Sisinnius
[G] Sisoes the Great
[G] Sixtus I
[G] Sixtus II
[G] Sixtus III
[G] Sixtus IV
[G] Sophronius
[G] Soter
[G] Spyridon of Tremithius
[G] Stephen I
[G] Stephen II
[G] Stephen II/III
[G] Stephen III/IV
[G] Stephen IV/V
[G] Stephen V/VI
[G] Stephen VI/VII
[G] Stephen VII/VIII
[G] Stephen VIII/IX
[G] Stephen IX/X
[G] Stephen the Protomartyr
[G] Swithin (Swithun)
[G] Sylvester I
[G] Sylvester II
[G] Sylvester III
[G]Symeon the New Theologian
[G] Symmachus (pope)
[G] Symmachus the Prefect
[G] Syncletica
[G] Tatiana of Rome
[G] Tatwine of Canterbury
[G] Telesphorus
[G] Teresa of Avila
[G] Tertullian
[G] Thaddeus
[G] Theobald of Canterbury
[G] Theodore I
[G] Theodore II
[G] Theodore of Mopsuestia
[G] Theodosius
[G] Theodulf of Orléans
[G] Theophanes the Confessor
[G] Theophanes the Greek
[G] Theophilus of Alexandria
[G] Thomas
[G] Thomas à Becket
[G] Thomas à Kempis
[G] Thomas Aquinas
[G] Three Chapters
[G] Timon the Deacon
[G] Timothy
[G] Titus
[G] Tyconnius
[G] Ulphilias
[G] Urban I
[G] Urban II
[G] Urban III
[G] Urban IV
[G] Urban V
[G] Urban VI
[G] Ursula
[G] Valentine (pope)
[G] Vedast
[G] Vergil of Salzburg
[G] Victor I
[G] Victor II
[G] Victor III
[G] Victor of Vita
[G] Vigilius
[G] Vincent of Lérins
[G] Vincent of Saragossa
[G] Vincent Ferrer
[G] Virgil of Arles
[G] Vitalian
[G] Vladimir
[G] Waldenses
[G] Walter of St.-Victor
[G] Waltham Abbey
[G] Wenceslaus of Bohemia
[G] Whitby, the monastery
[G] Synod of Whitby
[G] Wilfrid
[G] William of Gellone
[G] William the Great
[G] William of Ockham
[G] Willibrord of Utrecht
[G] Wolfram von Eschenbach
[G] Wolfgang of Ratisbon (Regensberg)
[G] Wulfila
[G] Wulfstan II
[G] Zachary
[G] Zara Yaqob of Ethiopia
[G] Zephyrinus
[G] Zosimus

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