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Meinrad of Einsiedeln

Meinrad was born in Sulichgau (Near Wurttenberg) Germany in the late 8th century CE. Educated at Abbey Reichenau, he became a monk and a priest in the Benedictine order. After his education was completed, he accepted the position of headmaster of a school at Babinchowe on upper lake Zurich. Desiring time by himself, he became a hermit during mid-life (c 835) on the slopes of Mt. Etzel. From the mountain, he moved into forest 6-8 miles away. There he built a chapel for the Virgin Mary, naming it our Lady of the Hermitage. The chapel, which later was in the monastery of Einsiedeln, is now being remodelled. This same place is the site of his martyrdom where two rogues, seeking rumored treasure, murdered him on January 21, 861. He was buried at Reichenau in the abbey church until his remains were transferred to Einsiedeln abbey in 1039. A Benedictine archabbey in southern Indiana bears his name.

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