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The Ecole Initiative


The Editorial Board of the Ecole Initiative welcomes article proposals from writers with academic credentials. If you think you may be interested in submitting a proposal, please review the Ecole [E] Proposal Form. If you find the conditions satisfactory, retrieve the form and fill it out. After you have done so, email it to ecole@evansville.edu. Shortly after it is received, it will be presented to two members of the Editorial Board who will referee your proposal. If the editors disagree on whether or not your proposal should be accepted, it will be sent to a third. After the review process, the General Editor will inform you of the referees' decision.

If your proposal is accepted, the process of getting your article fully integrated into the encyclopedia begins. The procedure involves five steps.

1. Authors will complete their proposed article(s). (Please see [E] Some Guidelines for Articles for information on length, format, etc.) While you are busy writing your article, a place will be reserved in the Title Index for your title. Though your title will appear in the index, it will not be linked. Its place there is to inform other prospective authors that your particular topic is already taken. For first-time authors, the author's biography will be added to the Contributors' Index at this time.

2. When you have finished your article, you will mail it to ecole@evansville.edu where it will be proofread (for grammar, spelling, and style) and corrected, if necessary. In addition, your article will be converted into HTML format according to the style and layout of the encyclopedia, and initial links will be added.

3. The HTML version of the article will then be mailed to the person who will be maintaining the article. We prefer that this person be the author, but this is not necessary. (The Editorial Board will find someone to maintain your article in the event that you do not wish to maintain it yourself.)

4. Once the file is in place and has been tested by the person maintaining the article, he/she will send the URL (the Uniform Resource Locator, or, more simply, the internet address) to ecole@evansville.edu. If everything is working well, the Title Index will be updated to reflect the new link. The author's biography in the Contributors' Index will be updated with the new link as well.

5. Finally, an announcement of the new article along with its address will be included in the next Ecole Link Update. This Update is sent to those who maintain files for the encyclopedia so that existing articles can be updated to reflect the new links.

Ecole authors agree to the following: 1) That the article will be formatted according to the layout of the encyclopedia as a whole; 2) That the article will be updated on a regular (monthly) basis to reflect new links; 3) That the author will retain the copyright under the following rubric: "Copyright 1995, Author Name. This file may be copied on the condition that the entire contents, including the header and this copyright notice, remain intact."

If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed in this file, please email them to ecole@evansville.edu.

Copyright 1995, Anthony F. Beavers. This file may be copied on the condition that the entire contents,
including the header and this copyright notice, remain intact.